About Aatreya

I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia.  I love spending time with my four beautiful daughters and enjoy being their Earth Mumma.

My journey into the spiritual world started at a very young age, being curious and poking around with energy and spirit energies. I remember being a deeply connected child open to the spirit world by feeling the intense energy and whisperings of the spirits. As I played in this world engaging with the spirits I was unaware that this connection would be the path to my passion and way of expression. 

I did however keep pushing this craft to one side for fear of what family and friends would think or say. I had spent about 30 years in business with my husband, doing life and raising our girls, until it was his time to pass.


I always had a feeling that there was another path for me, around 11 years ago I decided to explore this craft I had, that kept coming up for me in different areas of my life. This has proven to be such an interesting soul journey and what is now proving to be the journey I will see through to the end. I have fine-tuned and developed my skills under the guidance of Peter Hall, Psychic Medium and Pam Goodwin, Spiritual Medium.

Along with being a Psychic Medium, I am also a Grief space facilitator and I have attained the level of Reiki Master, through the Sanctuary of Ananda’s Catherine Wood and AITT. I continue to use energy work as a daily ritual, this also helps with the readings as everything in and around us is energy, we are all connected on this journey. I am passionate about people connecting with their loved ones who have passed over, it is such a beautiful loving process, for everyone involved in the connection.

Over the last many years I have established a client referred following and have a truly unique style of connecting with your loved ones. The readings are extensive, accurate and detailed. My specialty is soul to soul connection using photographs.


Having direct communication to the spirit world allows me to deliver an amazing and heartfelt reading to bring comfort for those seeking solace in times of sadness or distress after a loved one has passed. These readings can be done for anyone not only within Australia but globally. 

Please contact us for any personal queries