What is a Spirit Medium?

Spirit mediums are gifted people who have the ability to feel, see and hear those who have passed over and are now in the spirit realm/world.


Medium work by Aatreya is very detailed and this is because the information received is directly from spirit guides and the person who has passed over. This type of reading is quite involved and is quite different to a psychic reading. Most readings take approximately 3 hours to complete by Aatreya. Aatreya does not use cards as a means to attain information for the reading but rather at the end of the reading, they are pulled for confirmation purposes for the client only.

Spirits definitely have a mind of their own just as they did when they were here on earth. If they want to come through to deliver a message, they will.  Every now and then there will be the odd one who wont and that is absolutely ok for them to choose that.  Generally, the spirit you are wanting to come through ie. Mum, dad, grandparents, or other relatives will always come through. 

Most questions will be answered along with additional information that leads to the client’s needs and wants around completion or closure.

You are reminded that nothing is ever set in stone.  What you do with the information is completely up to you.  The path you make is your choice, we all have something called free will – we can all do whatever we want.

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